6. Key estimates and judgments

Preparation of the consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS requires from the Management Board of PZU to make professional judgments, estimates and assumptions which have an effect on the adopted accounting principles and the presented value of assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses.

Estimates and assumptions related to them are based on historical data and other factors considered to be rational in given circumstances, whereas their results provide a basis for a professional judgment of the carrying amount of assets and liabilities which does not result directly from other sources.

With respect to important issues, the Management Board of PZU can base on the opinion of independent experts when making judgments, estimates or assumptions.

The actual value may differ from the estimated value. Judgments, estimates and assumptions related to them undergo constant verification. Any changes thereto should be presented as described in point 5.11.

Section contains:

6.1 Judgments made

6.2 Estimates and assumptions made

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