PZU Groups’ business model

The main areas of PZU Groups’ activity are insurance, investment activity, investments, banking and health. 

The main business model of PZU Group includes the following:

  • insurance – still the main and primary pillar of PZU Group’s activity. Each day, PZU ensures that the offered products match the needs of the clients and the quality of customer services concerning events covered by insurance is at the top possible level;
  • investment activity – the collected premium is invested according to the „prudent investor” rule. This means that all funds are invested in a way ensuring security, quality and liquidity with preservation of profitability.

The main areas of activity also include:

  • investments – under the PZU Inwestycje brand (by TFI PZU and PTE PZU), we offer numerous investments, savings, and retirement plans;
  • banking – we treat our activity in the banking sector as an investment because, as the Group, we want to take part in the growth of the Polish banking sector and use investment profits to generate value for shareholders. Alior Bank was chosen because of its high operating efficiency and innovation;
  • health – Group offers health insurance and private health care packages by PZU Zdrowie activity. The company focuses on implementation of solutions aimed at e.g. reducing the time required to wait for doctor’s appointment, high-tech treatments and range of services. The key areas with the biggest impact on the results of PZU Group are listed below.
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