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PZU Group is the leader of the Polish insurance market and one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. Being the leader is an obligation to act responsibly, but PZU also sees it as a conscious choice and voluntary strategy. The management board wants to act as not just an entrepreneur but also as an active citizen who reacts to social problems and challenges. Group’s rising value complies with the interests of its environment and is based upon sustainable and responsible use of resources. Realization of the PZU 2020 strategy based on the proper capital management – financial, human, social, environmental, and intellectual. See more

The long-term sustainable approach to business is confirmed by PZU’s presence in the RESPECT Index of socially responsible companies (Warsaw Stock Exchange index). See more

„We see all human beings as important and we want to create a better future for everyone”

PZU’s mission is to provide our clients with peace of mind and sense of security. This would never be possible without their trust. It is the foundation of relations, because the client buys a promise of PZU’s assistance in difficult situations. But PZU’s activity affects not only its clients. Its employees, shareholders, suppliers, and the local communities covered by its operations are equally important. They should all know that they can rely on PZU.

Ethics, regarding the firm as a whole and its individual employees, is the foundation of all activities performed by PZU Group and the prerequisite of sustainable development. PZU is doing everything in its power to have ethical conduct reflected in all activities of Group’s employees. PZU wants to create a corporate culture based on fairness, honesty, and respect. The benchmarks for all ethical matters are the formal documents (Good Practices in PZU) and the adopted three main values:

  • we are fair – our rules are clear and our offer is transparent and satisfies the real expectations of the clients;
  • we are innovative – we keep searching for the ways to improve and continually adapt to the changing needs of the clients;
  • we are effective – we control the costs, ensure that the processes are smooth, and offer friendly customer service and competitive prices to our clients.


These values compose the common operating philosophy and serve as the foundation of PZU Group’s 2020 strategy. The good practices have been adopted and applied by most of Group’s companies, including all insurance companies (PZU, PZU Życie, LINK4, Lietuvos Draudimas, PZU Lithuania Life, ASS Balta, PZU Estonia, PZU Ukraine, PZU Ukraine Life).

Sustainable development and social responsibility in business are at the same time the way to build the best value offer for the clients of PZU Group, as well as the most accurate answer to the needs of other stakeholders. The CSR activities undertaken in support of business objectives build the brand’s reputation, its image, and social capital.

In its day-to-day operations, PZU Group complies with the following four standards:

  • we address the needs – we provide top quality products which are best fitted to the expectations of our clients;
  • we value our people – we continuously develop the skills and competences of our staff to create good conditions to boost their personal interests;
  • we support the society – we strive to establish stable, long- term relations with the local communities by supporting initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment;
  • we care for the natural environment – we take responsibility for the environment where we operate. 

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