Main strategic objectives

In August 2016, the new Management Board specified three key strategic directions: profitability, growth, and innovation.

In August 2016, the new Management Board and Supervisory Board of PZU approved the updated PZU Group Strategy 2016-2020. The Management Board specified three key strategic directions: profitability, growth, and innovation. They are planned to be realized both in the core insurance sector, and the complementary areas that exhibit high potential for growth, that is asset management and health care. At the same time, the Management Board declared that the realization of the assumption should result in boosting investment attractiveness of PZU not only for dividend investors, but also investors who search for growing companies, with a high potential to generate capital gains on market valuation of the share.




The most important goal of PZU Group when it comes to profitability is to achieve ROE (of a parent company) at least 18%.

The most important goal of PZU Group when it comes to profitability is to achieve ROE (of a parent company) at least 18%. Reaching such a target is to a large extent correlated with the growth initiatives (below). The initiative to reduce fixed costs in insurance business in Poland (PZU and PZU Życie) by PLN 400 million by the end of 2018 also contributes to realization of this goal.

PZU Group Strategy 2020 (business profitability)

Business profitability



In the insurance sector, PZU Group plans the largest growth in such market areas where PZU’s share was lower than the natural level of approximately 30%. In complementary business sectors covered by PZU Strategy 2020, the growth will be realized by organic development and acquisitions, which will help achieve gains and profits dynamics higher than the market average.


Innovation is an important part of the Strategy. On the one hand, innovation is our ambition as we aim to transform PZU into one of the most innovative insurance groups in Europe. On the other hand, it accelerates the realization of the other key strategic targets: growth and profitability.

Creating innovation-driven culture in PZU Group will be realized especially by means of the following activities:

  • use of Big Data in quotation, sales, and service;
  • development of electronic distribution and service channels;
  • implementation of effective know-how and technologies inside PZU Group by regional innovation centers: LINK4, Alior Bank and selected foreign companies;
  • providing innovative risk management solutions in large- scale businesses (PZU Lab)
  • development of innovation-driven culture that will support the process of generating new solutions by the employees.

Implementation of the above projects will allow for building a comprehensive digital operational model in PZU Group that will boost flexibility in the entire organization to meet the changing needs of the clients and improve the company’s position in the young clients and premium clients segment. Comprehensive and multi-channel distribution and Customer service, including further development of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools and using available client data, will result in customizing the Group’s offer to individual client needs. Using efficient analytical tools and Big Data will make it possible to manage the portfolio on the basis of actual risk profile of a given client and use advanced price management methods in property insurance. As the expectations continue to grow, PZU plans to implement self- service processes and new forms of sale wherever required.

The Group sees a high potential for growth in health care, old age pension, and property products. A 360° overview of the client and using additional interactions will allow for sales of products and services that better fit the clients’ needs, as well as cross-selling. In the long term, such activities should translate into an increased number of products held by the client. A so-called productization of a retail client in PZU Group should increase to 1.64 by 2020.

PZU Group Strategy 2020 (business size)

 Busieness size

PZU Group will proactively support the creation an ecosystem that boosts Polish entrepreneurship and innovations, by providing the following:

  • support Polish entrepreneurs and scholars by own initiatives of PZU Group and cooperation with other projects that promote innovativeness (e.g. Witelo fund);
  • identifying and supporting external initiatives that are synergic and complementary with PZU Group’s activities;
  • financial support for initiatives of entrepreneurs provided on commercial basis, including via Venture Capital.
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