Management of PZU Groups’ brands

PZU is the most recognizable brand in Poland. The PZU brand’s result is 89% in spontaneous brand recognition surveys and 100% in assisted brand recognition surveys2.

Although it is associated mainly with insurance, PZU Group covers multiple brands. They have different visual systems, target groups, and business models.

The dominating brand is the corporate brand of PZU, which underwent a visual transformation in 2012. The brand promotes PZU Group as well as most of its companies operating on the Polish market (PZU, PZU Życie, PTE PZU, TFI PZU, PZU Pomoc, PZU Zdrowie, PZU Centrum Operacji) and some foreign companies – those in Ukraine and the branch in Estonia.

The architecture of PZU Group also includes the brand group of the so-called PZU family. The family is composed of companies with names not referring to the dominating brand, including AAS Balta and TUW PZUW. However, their logos are visually similar to the corporate brand. These companies also apply similar visual identification systems.

The final architecture level is the group of independent brands. This category includes PZU Group’s brands with names and visualizations different from the corporate brand, such as Lietuvos Draudimas and LINK4. Both companies hold high brand recognition of 98% appropriately on the Lithuanian and Polish markets.

1 Gfk Polonia survey, 2016

Architecture of PZU Group’s brands („corporate umbrella” model)


Architecture of PZU Group's brands


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