We hold our people in high esteem

A motivating work environment

PZU does everything in its power to create a working environment which assists the employees in finding and strengthening their motivation, and thus raising the value of their work, and in reaching top effectiveness in the interest of the clients, shareholders, and the entire environment of the Organization.

PZU sees an effective and motivated staff as the most important element of realizing its strategic objectives. Consistent strengthening of the intellectual and social capital by developing the talents of Group’s employees is directly reflected in the growth of the main effectiveness indexes and is one of the key conditions to guarantee future increase in the company’s value.

“You have to create an attractive environment where the people are interested in the history they are creating” Carlos Goshn. CEO Renault/Nissan

The project of building the corporate culture of PZU Group’s Contact Center is a good example. The initiative was started in 2015. It assumes the development of a unique organizational culture of the Contact Center unit to distinguish it in the company, yet to have it compliant with the values of PZU Group. A friendly space with an inspiring atmosphere was created to provide the opportunity for realizing passions and sharing experiences. All initiatives are grassroots - designed, planned, and realized by employees, e.g. initiatives under the “People with Passion” program, including sign language courses conducted by an individual who is hard of hearing, photography courses organized by photographers, a rafting trip organized by tourism enthusiasts, or an Excel course organized by a fan of the program. These events are attended in each instance by several dozen people and the project supports their organization by providing tools and communication. The initiatives are carried out in the following 4 areas:

  • involvement – initiatives building satisfaction and involvement of the employees (team building), e.g. soccer tournament, theater review (the Contact Center groups prepared plays for children with admission based on materials and toys for foster homes), Different Dress Code (themed days with attractions and dressing up), contests;
  • development of competences – initiatives building and developing the competences and talents of the employees, e.g. open courses (creative thinking, ways to fight stress, cooperation), development program for leaders, development program for selected consultants;
  • communication – initiatives improving internal communication and allowing for getting to know one another, e.g. “Communicate to start the day” breakfast with the management or executives, dedicated mailing and contact box, internal intranet website, periodical ZOOM satisfaction surveys for feedback, cohesive communication management outside of the Contact Center;
  • working conditions – initiative aimed to improve the comfort of work at the Contact Center, including changes to the arrangement, creation of diverse space by its users, and modification of performance-based reward systems allowing for raising remuneration based on the achieved results with consideration of the specific nature of a given helpline.

A motivational work environment


Equal opportunity policy

According to the good practices, all PZU’s employees have equal opportunities. This rule applies to the relations in all processes – from recruitment, through evaluation of results, promotions, professional development, to attendance in training courses. Our employees have equal opportunities and potential – their gender, age, proficiency, religious beliefs, political opinions, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and form of employment are insignificant.

Everyone can take advantage of the internal training courses and opportunities for career development. The recruitment process includes consideration of all applications which meet the expectations and requirements regarding knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Enforcement of these rules allows for clear association of effectiveness with raises, a developmental offer, and promotions, and has also provided the managers with tools to manage employee motivation. What is equally important, all employees take active part in assessment, have the opportunity to share their opinions with their superiors, and take responsibility for their individual development.

Personal and professional development

Initiatives focused on personal development and increased job satisfaction strengthen employee motivation and establish a foundation for Group’s market success. Many programs were launched over the course of 2016 in the scope of personal and professional support for employees to assist the development of their skills in required areas. The examples of such initiatives include the PLUS program and the Manager 2.0 and Leader 2.0 programs for managers. See more

Employee involvement

A committed employee of PZU is a person who thinks about the aims of their actions, their consequences for the company and its clients, and also the ways to cooperate with others in order to build an even more successful business. To turn PZU into a friendlier workplace, the employees and their superiors have come up with a list of activities to potentially help out the process. One of the most popular initiatives was the establishment of the Sport Team. Today, the Association includes 11 active Sport Team units: running, cycling, skiing, squash, volleyball, CrossFit, soccer, sailing, basketball, table tennis, and triathlon, with plans for two more: dancing and Nordic walking. In total, they include almost 800 people – the employees of PZU Group (PZU / PZU Życie / PZU CO / PTE PZU / TFI PZU / PZU Pomoc / PZU Zdrowie) in the following cities: Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Opole, Wrocław, Katowice, Kraków, Rzeszów. The PZU Sport Team is regularly among the leaders in amateur tournaments and open events, as well as those organized for employees of different corporations. The biggest accomplishments of 2016 included:

  • first and second place in the 38th Warsaw Marathon in the category of “Insurance workers – women” and the eleventh place in the category of “Insurance workers – men”,
  • second place in Eikiden 2016 in the category of insurance companies,
  • promotion to Let’s Go League 1 (soccer) and the second place in Let’s Go League 1,
  • first place (soccer) in the Capital Market Olympiad in Zakopane,
  • first place (soccer) in the Izabelin Indoor Championships,
  • second place and individual awards for the best shooter and best playmaker in the Bank and Finances Indoor League,
  • first place in the 9th sailing regatta of Lewiatan Confederation in both the 24/25-foot yacht category and general classification.

Volunteers among employees

PZU Group encourages its employees to perform active volunteer work and support their local communities and organizations. Their activity helps build permanent and long- lasting relations, which have a positive effect on all of Group’s structures.

In 2016, the volunteering employees helped realize 66 projects for the benefit of over 8 thousand people. Most campaigns were dedicated to children, specifically those suffering from incurable diseases, the residents of educational care facilities, and those from poor families. PZU’s employees also remember about animals and have provided support to over six hundred of them, mainly cats and dogs, by buying them food and fittings, fixing their cages and yards, but mainly by spending time with them.

The members of PZU’s Management Board are also involved in volunteering. They offered sweets, books, and toys to the children of the Rehabilitation Ward of the Masovian Center of Neuropsychiatry in Zagórze for Christmas Eve of 2016. The most important project of 2016 was the contest for PZU employees and agents titled “Wolontariat to radość działania” [Volunteering is the Joy of Life].The main prize in the contest was a PLN 5 thousand grant for the realization of original projects. In 2016, the volunteering employees helped to carry out 40 projects for the benefit of local non-governmental organizations and the ones they support.

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