Key metrics of the strategy for 2016-2020

In 2016 PZU Group set the following key metrics of the Strategy: 

Key metrics

1 ROE attributable to the parent company
2 Direct business
3 PZU jointly with PZUW TUW and LINK4
4 Average during the Strategy implementation
5 Own funds after subtracting anticipated dividends and asset taxes
6 Net of transaction costs
7 Data on the annual basis regardless of the acquisition date; establishment’s revenue are presented as managed, in the same way as the other branches, i.e. including PZU Zdrowie
8 Average surplus of period: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 of 2016
9 Value of the meter after 2014 – the last measurement
10 Lack of the research in 2016
11 Data after three quarters of 2016, unaudited
12 Data after three quarters of 2016


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