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Social involvement is a very important aspect of PZU Group’s operations. This activity is based on the premise that social activity should result directly from the operations of PZU, from what it impacts.

In its day-to-day operations, Group insures the property and actions of its clients to provide peace of mind and a sense of security. Because of this, it is only natural to assume responsibility for the improvement of safety in Poland and promotion of responsible and safe behaviors. The social activity is conducted under the slogan: ”We support that which is important”. PZU listens to its clients, the local communities they participate in, and various organizations, and subsequently decides with them on what to support both financially and by sharing the knowledge and experience of its employees. It builds long-term relations with its partners to make sure that the initiatives it supports are being continuously improved.

With support from the PZU Foundation and the preventive fund, PZU promotes a healthy lifestyle, educates in the scope of safety, supports the development of medical science, and carries out a philanthropic activity, which is a permanent element of Group’s social involvement strategy.


In terms of prevention, PZU undertakes numerous initiatives aimed to improve safety and minimize the probability of occurrence - or its potential consequences – entailing the need to handle various types of claims.

Przygody misia ratownika

PZU Group has been supporting the Police and the Voluntary and Professional Fire Departments for years by providing funds for firefighting and flood prevention equipment as well as professional training courses.

PZU Group has been supporting the Police and the Voluntary and Professional Fire Departments for years by providing funds for firefighting and flood prevention equipment as well as professional training courses. The ”PZU Safe Homes” teach preschoolers and children attending school how to behave in a safe manner (moving in a smoke-filled space, obeying traffic and evacuation signs, saving themselves and others instead of things).There are seven such establishments operating in three voivodeships: Mazowieckie, Małopolskie, and Podkarpackie. Thanks to the cooperation with the “Misie Ratują Dzieci” [Bears Save Children] association, children injured in traffic accidents receive comprehensive rehabilitation and psychological care at the Therapy Center in Dźwirzyno near Kołobrzeg. The children hurt in traffic accidents and collisions receive Bear Rescuer mascots, which are funded by PZU, from the rescue services. Group also uses the prevention fund to support the activity of rescue organizations – Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue [Polish: Górskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (GOPR)] and Water Volunteer Search and Rescue [Polish: Wodne Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (WOPR)] – by contributing to equipment purchases, raising rescuers’ qualifications, and educational campaigns. It is actively involved in the initiatives of the Polish Freeskiing Association, which regularly organizes non-commercial avalanche course. These courses are conducted by experienced mountain rescuers under the scientific patronage of the head of the Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue [Polish: Tatrzańskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (TOPR)].They have been attended by almost 1,500 people so far. PZU also promotes the Avalanche ABC, a project of TOPR and TPN [the Tatra National Park], which teaches conscious planning of trips and avalanche control. PZU Group has also signed a new prevention agreement with GOPR, which will be in effect until 2019. It will see the insurer donate money for the purchase of 7 quads and 700 hiking backpacks for GOPR in 2017 for all rescue groups in southern Poland.

PZU has also been conducting the “Niestraszki” [Fear-nots] program since 2015 in the form of an extensive educational platform. The program enables children to have fun while learning.

PZU has also been conducting the “Niestraszki” [Fear-nots] program since 2015 in the form of an extensive educational platform. The program enables children to have fun while learning. Together with the Fear-nots, they learn about the world and its hazards. They create animated stories with a moral and attend educational plays. There are also audiobooks, coloring books, games, and exercises available at niestraszki.pzu.pl, as well as contests and advice for parents. In 2016, the Fear-nots helped out in extensive campaigns aimed to educate children about responsible behavior at home, on the road, on trips, or online. The Fear-nots informed about important things, thus helping parents with teaching their children the rules of safety. The activities performed in this respect included:

  • Sceny Kulturalne [Culture scenes] – PZU, being the partner of the undertaking, realized the greatest and the most visible summer project on the Polish coast, supporting parents’ efforts in the education of their children. This included all-day animations and activities for kids focused on the subject of safety. Each day in the Fear-not safety zone had a different patron – on Stach Trach Day, the children learned about safety on the road through games; on Julek Pechulek Day, they learned about safety on vacation; Tadek Niekradek was the patron of safety at home, Zuzka Wiruska was the patron of safety at sea, and on Lola Pola Day children were taught how to save money, water, and electricity. Together, they all gave the instructions on how to safely use the Internet. As a part of the project, 70 free educational theatrical performances titled ”Przygody Niestraszków” [The Adventures of Fear- nots] were held, which gathered over 28 thousand viewers.
  • Bezpieczne wakacje [Safe vacation] – PZU not only educates but also actually helps parents make sure that their children are safe. During summer holidays, the biggest nationwide survey concerning the knowledge about safety among parents and children was conducted in the largest coastal towns. The survey was used to draw up a report, which confirmed that parents need our support in educating their children. Concerned about the safety of children, PZU also gave away over 3,500 thousand of ”niezgubki” [lose- me-not] wristbands and created special application, which will both prevent the children from getting lost in crowds.
  • Warsztaty z Duckie Deck [Workshops with Duckie Deck] – PZU engaged in a special educational project for children which combined modern technologies and fun. 26 workshop days were realized in the largest cities all over Poland in the period between April and December. They engaged over 100 thousand children and parents, and over 1,200 children participated in the Fear-nots workshops on creating animated movies.
  • TVP ABC – in December, PZU, in cooperation with TVP ABC, realized an educational program for children. It was aimed at raising children’s awareness in the scope of safe behaviors.

Pro-health activity

In 2016, both PZU and PZU Życie cooperated with the hospitals, non-government organizations and media that carried out health-related projects and contributed to the purchases of medical equipment.

The pro-health prevention is aimed to minimize the negative effects of various incidents by spreading knowledge about safety and health promotion through mass running events supported by PZU and other campaigns.

Pro-health activity


The running events sponsored by PZU were accompanied with the charity campaign “Podziel się kilometrem” [Share a kilometer], which encouraged Poles to help others through their personal physical activity. According to the promoted slogan, everyone had to cover a given distance on a mechanical treadmill, cross-trainer, or exercycle. For every covered kilometer, PZU donated PLN 10 to charity. The campaign was open to everyone and there were special devices prepared for children.

PZU engages in the creation of solutions saving the lives of Poles and activating the community to provide help. PZU Group’s cooperation with the Polish Coalition of Oncology Patients allowed for the introduction of ONKOfundusz – a nationwide social portal to support people with tumors – in 2016. The website will connect donors with the patients seeking funds for additional therapy and rehabilitation and will supplement public funding for oncologic therapy. 

In 2016, PZU also provided support for the 6th International Onco-Olympic Games. This is the only athletic event in the world for young competitors suffering from tumors. For such children and youth, participation in the games means that they can return to their normal lives after the long treatment process. Over the time of the games, 300 child patients from oncology wards in Poland and selected ones in Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, and Ukraine competed for Olympic medals in track and field, swimming, archery, soccer, badminton, and table tennis. The event was initiated and organized by Fundacja Spełnionych Marzeń [the Foundation of Fulfilled Dreams].

Share your kilometers

Culture and art

In 2016, PZU acted as a sponsor and patron of national and local cultural events and focused on initiatives associated with the Polish national and cultural heritage. Group supports the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Royal Museum, and the National Museum in Kraków. For many years, PZU has contributed to the purchases of museum exhibits and provided promotional and conceptual support. As a Patron of the Polish Culture, Group also actively participated in the organization of Noc Muzeów [Night of Museums], preparing special PZU zones offering non-standard promotion of art and culture. In 2016, Group’s support was also offered to the 19th Century Arts Gallery at the National Museum in Warsaw. As the patron of the Museum, PZU wants to improve the security of both its priceless collections and visitors. PZU Group was also the patron of the celebrations commemorating the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising and, since 2015, it has also served as the patron of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, thus contributing to preserving the memory of this special event in the Polish history.

For more information about selected programs and projects, visit PZU’s website PZU.

PZU Foundation

Since 2004, the PZU Foundation has carried out charity activities of PZU Group, which are an element of its corporate community involvement strategy. The aim of the Foundation is to promote education of children and teenagers, fostering talents and creating equal opportunities for people who are, for various reasons, disadvantaged, as well as to increase the access to cultural assets and social life, that is, a broadly understood development of civil society. According to its motto: “Blisko ludzi i ich potrzeb” [Close to the people and their needs], it subsidizes projects carried out by non- governmental organizations and institutions throughout Poland and abroad, providing scientific, organizational, and financial support. The operations of the PZU Foundation are focused on the following areas: education, health care and social assistance, culture and history, and safety.

In 2016 PZU Foundation donated grants totaling PLN 14.6 million for subsidizing 414 projects carried out by non-governmental organizations and institutions from across the Poland.

The PZU Foundation cooperates with Krajowy Fundusz na rzecz Dzieci [the Polish Children’s Fund], which has been supporting talented youth for the past 30 years by providing free access to the Fund’s activities and subsidizing selected ventures for the benefit of their intellectual development.

The PZU Foundation is also the main partner of the “BohaterON – włącz historię” [HeroON-turn on the history] project, which is realized together with the ROSA Foundation. The initiative aims to commemorate and honor those who took part in the Warsaw Uprising. Through its involvement in this project, the PZU Foundation sees an opportunity to build a dialogue between generations and recall the approach of the Warsaw Uprising insurgents, whose experience serves as a valuable history lesson. This is also an opportunity to preserve the timeless nature of patriotism and develop national awareness, which are among the main objectives of the Foundation.

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