Core values of the strategy

We are Fair. We are Effective. We are Innovative.

Common operating philosophy:

  • We are Fair – our offer is clear and satisfies real expectations of our clients; we follow transparent rules in operating the organization.
  • We are Effective – we offer friendly customer service and competitive prices; we control the costs and ensure that the processes are smooth.
  • We are Innovative – we continually adapt to the changing needs of the client; we proactively search for ways to improve our business.

The strategy of PZU Group is customer-focused. Our commitment to stay client-centric is clearly visible in the adopted strategic mission – „We are here to provide our clients with peace of mind and safety. Our clients can always rely on us”. We want to accompany our clients everywhere they go to stay ahead of their needs just the way they expect us to. In practice, it translates into transforming PZU from a product-centered organization into a company that focuses on the clients’ needs.


  • We are here to provide our clients with peace of mind and safety. Our clients can always rely on us.
  • We know our client very well and that is why we are able to meet their needs and rational expectations. The scale and efficiency of our operations help us provide premium services at competitive prices.
  • Due to its market position, PZU acts as a „market watchdog” – our activities are beneficial for the entire market and the clients, we actively influence the market growth and establish standards in customer service.


  • Thanks to the scale of business ensured by our leading position in the Central European Market, we continue to provide exceptional profits to our shareholders.


  • PZU creates a working environment that inspires our staff to do their best while maintaining an optimal work-life balance.


Sustainable development


Sustainable development

Realization of our strategic assumptions depend on proper capital management – financial, human, social, environmental, and intellectual. The Management Board follow one basic rule: increasing goodwill of PZU should stay in line with the interests of its environment and be based upon sustainable and responsible use of resources. See more

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