7.5 Simplifications in the segment note

Some simplifications in the segment note have been made, acceptable under IFRS 8. Justification of the simplifications:

  • withdrawal from presentation of information about allocation of all assets and liabilities to individual segments − the reason: no such documents are prepared or presented to the Management Board of PZU. The key information submitted to the Management Board of PZU is the profit or loss of given segments, on which basis management decisions, including decisions about allocation of resources, are made. The analysis of assets and liabilities allocated to the segments is mainly limited to the monitoring of compliance with the regulatory requirements;
  • presentation of the net profit or loss on an investment with a single amount expressed as a difference between realized and unrealized revenue and expenses from investments – resulting from an internal assessment of the profit or loss of the segments on the basis of the total measure of the profit or loss on investments;
  • revenue and expenses other than realized and unrealized investment revenue and expenses not allocated to the “Investments” segment – resulting from the method of analysis of data regarding that segment and from impracticality of such allocation.


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