48.3 Other legal proceedings concerning the distribution of profit of PZU for 2006

On 19 January 2015, the District Court of Warsaw delivered a copy of a motion with attachments regarding the action initiated by Wspólna Reprezentacja SA for a summons to a conciliation hearing concerning the amount of PLN 56 million. At the hearing on 19 February 2015, PZU refused to conclude a settlement.

PZU received other copies of motions to summon a conciliation hearing concerning settlement agreements consisting in the payment of the amount due to the share in the profit of PZU for 2006. Some of the proceedings have already ended. PZU refused the conciliation proposal indicating that such claims did not exist and they would not be taken into account.

7 legal actions were initiated against PZU for the payment of dividends or compensation. PZU consistently responds to such requests demanding their cancellation in their entirety. In six cases, the District Courts in Warsaw dismissed the claims in their entirety (in five cases the judgments are final, in one case the claimant appealed against the decision, to which PZU has responded by demanding its dismissal in its entirety). In one case, the District Court discontinued the proceedings due to the withdrawal of the claim (the decision is final).

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